What is this pour costing you?

Serving flat beer, and pouring to the rim of pint glass is costing you 23% in keg yield. Your beer should have a quality, consistent head on every pour. People remember dirty glassware.

Overpours add up fast!

Dirty glassware and stubborn stains result in returned drinks. Not only affecting your customer experience, but your bottom line too.

Customer reviews

“The device is great. Before KissKleen, Our glassware was a constant headache and frustration. Now we don’t even worry about our glassware anymore. And clean glassware is hugely important, especially for a microbrewery like ours.”

– Rick Hennosey Owner – Buckeye Lake Brewery

Customer reviews

“The bartenders love it. It’s the first washer that actually cleans 2 glasses at once, inside and out! The ability to clean 2 glasses thoroughly at the same time really expedites the process…Its extremely well built, absolutely worth every penny.”

– Chip Mullen GM – Smith & Wollensky

Customer reviews

“We have the device in all our locations. It’s high quality and gets the glasses clean. Absolutely worth the money”

– Eric Woodland
Owner – Donerick’s Pub