KissKleen Glass Washers

Kisskleen Glass Washers

A superior clean that reduces time & cost. 

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Kisskleen Glass Washers


KissKleen Glass Washer

KissKleen Glass Washer

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You’ve probably experienced it – dirty glassware.  Here’s your opportunity to add KissKleen Glass Washers to help you combat lipstick, chapstick, and other greasy residues – where germs live. Great for 3-sink systems and as a pre-scrub for BOH dish machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I buy a KissKleen™ unit instead of a three-brush unit, powered unit or a dishwasher?

Where do we start! KissKleen™

  • Glass Washers: Is less than 75% of the acquisition cost of a powered unit and a fraction of the cost of an under counter dishwasher
  • Zero repair costs
  • Is the only device designed to clean the inside AND outside of the glass
  • Does not require electricity – safe to use
  • No moving parts, thus no frustrating down time
  • No harsh chemicals needed thus no left-over residue to spoil the bouquet of expensive wines, spirits or beer
Where can I get a KissKleen™ unit?

KissKleen™ Glass Washers are available through three channels. If you are an ecolab customer ask your rep for more information or click here. KissKleen™ is also available through Amazon. Or purchase one right here using our secure checkout!

How is the KissKleen™ unit used?

KissKleen™ Glass Washers come completely assembled, ready for use.It fits into your current sink system as a replacement to other glass washers (i.e. powered unit or 3-brush unit). The glass slides down over the goblet/middle brush to clean the inside, while the 3 opposing arms simultaneously clean the outside.Move the glass up and down while rotating will ensure complete coverage.

I have a dishwasher, but even that does not remove lipstick residue. Can I incorporate a KissKleen™ Glass Washer?

Absolutely!Many of our customers use the device as a pre-scrub for their dishwasher.At the dishwasher staging area, get the unit wet and add a few drops of dish soap to the brushes.Simply run each glass through the device prior to putting it into the glass rack.That’s all there is to it and no more lipstick residue!

When should the KissKleen™ unit be replaced?

This will depend on your usage, but we recommend replacing your unit every 6 months.

How do I clean my KissKleen™ Glass Washer?

Very simple. Each brush assembly screws into the base. To unscrew, simply turn the goblet/middle brush counter clockwise. The goblet brush and outer brush assembly can be washed or placed in a dishwasher. To reassemble, simply insert the goblet brush through the hub assembly and screw back into the base.


The only device designed to clean the inside AND outside of the glass.

KissKleen’s Glass Washer is designed for 3-sink systems & as a pre-scrub for dishwashing machines. The result? Sparkling, clean, and residue free glassware that reduces beverage costs. Keep customers coming back with better pours and a clean peace of mind.

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KissKleen Glass Washers


Elaine, Manager of Donerick’s, Worthington, Ohio

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