When you’re keeping your restaurant clean and up-to-code, you need a diverse selection of Diversey chemicals to help you. Learn which to buy, here.

Did you know a badly cleaned beer glass costs you money? Beer poured into a dirty glass causes improper foaming and residual lacing. Customers notice dirty glasses and send the entire product back which is a huge waste.  Dirty glasses are one of many ways restaurants lose money. If your establishment isn’t clean and up to code, the government can shut you down!

If you own a restaurant, your cleaning standards must be high. Diversey chemicals help restaurants stay in business with high-quality cleaning products. 

Read on for a diverse selection of Diversey chemicals that’ll help you keep your restaurant up to code. 

Cleaning a Commercial Kitchen

There are many elements involved in commercial kitchen cleaning. Here are some of the major categories and types of products that’ll keep your kitchen up to snuff. 

Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

Yes, you read that right – ceilings! Everything in the kitchen must be clean. If a pot boils over and shoots food up to the ceiling, it needs cleaning. 

The floor needs a deep clean every day. A commercial kitchen has heavy foot traffic and lots of spills. Sweep and vacuum first. 

Move on to a commercial-grade Diversey mop system. A mop is the best way for getting into hard-to-reach spots. Pair the mop with a powerful kitchen floor cleaner

Odor-causing grease builds up on the walls and even the ceiling. Wipe down the ceiling and walls after any obvious spill. Clean them well 1-2 times per month. 

A multi-purpose degreaser works great for walls, countertops, ceilings, and even floors. 

Hard Surfaces and Countertops

Commercial kitchen countertops and other hard surfaces need cleaning throughout the day. These surfaces should get a deep cleaning at the end of every day. A deep clean inhibits mold and bacteria growth. 

Use sanitizers and disinfectants for food-preparation surfaces. Diversey offers cleaning solutions that are both safe and effective. 

Equipment and Appliances

Equipment needs light cleaning every day and deep cleaning at least once a week. What types of appliances need cleaning?

  • Grills
  • Fryers
  • Burners and cooktops
  • Ranges and ovens
  • Refrigerators

Create a cleaning checklist and stick with it!

The grill needs constant cleaning. Soak the grates in soapy, warm water. Empty out drip trays. Boil out the fryer according to the manual’s instructions at least once a week. Scrub down and disinfect the cooktop and burners at the end of the day. 

Ranges and ovens need a once-a-week cleaning routine. Drain pans, tubs, and condenser coils on the refrigeration unit need cleaning every few months. 

A multi-purpose degreaser works well for these tasks. 


The sink in a commercial kitchen needs special attention. The sink gets tons of use, including cleaning food ingredients and dishes. Plenty of grease ends up in a commercial kitchen sink!

A disinfectant spray is especially important for the sink area. Don’t forget the drains. Diversey offers drain cleaners with foam technology for superior drain cleaning. 

If your drains are left too long, grease buildup causes clogging and overflow issues. Minerals and hard-water deposits also cause problems with equipment efficiency. 

Use special de-limers and descalers for cleaning faucets and coffee machines. 

Vents and Exhaust Hoods

Vents and exhaust hoods capture grease. Grease and grime restrict airflow in the kitchen.  Wash the vent hoods at least once a month. 

Replace damaged filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 


Clean glassware is crucial in the commercial kitchen or bar environment. Using the proper glassware cleaning tools saves you money. Avoid returned products and costly re-cleaning by getting it right the first time. 

Types of Kitchen Chemicals

A trusted brand like Diversey offers cleaning chemicals based on specific areas. The chemicals are safe for commercial kitchens. Read product directions and make sure you’re using the right chemical for the job. 

Always use food-safe or mild chemicals meant for kitchens. Use concentrated products as intended. Using a concentrated product without proper dilution can cause a hazardous situation.

Read the instructions on every label before use. Some product instructions call for triple-rinsing. Rinse according to product directions. 

A Word of Caution

Use the right chemical for the job. In the long run, using the right chemicals for each job saves you money. It could even save your life. 

The wrong chemical could cause toxic side effects. Read all instructions and never mix cleaning chemicals. Mixing the wrong chemicals together causes toxic fumes and even explosions. 


There are different types of certifications for chemicals used in commercial kitchen environments. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifies kitchen cleaning products that are food-safe. 

Diversey offers NSF-certified products for commercial kitchen cleaning. They also offer Green Seal and Greenguard-certified products. These products are easier on the environment. 

Beverage Considerations

When it comes to beer, wine, and other beverages, there are special considerations. Diversey offers individually-tailored cleaning solutions for beverages. Don’t leave the cleaning to chance. 

All it takes are a few disgruntled customers with an internet connection for your business to look bad. Beer and wine lines and glasses must meet strict cleaning standards. 

Using the right products in the right way means never having a glass sent back to the kitchen. 

Using the Right Diversey Chemicals for the Job

Using the right Diversey chemicals for the job means getting the job done right! Every surface of a commercial kitchen needs cleaning. Cleaning your kitchen well means staying in business. 

Pick the right chemicals for each cleaning routine. It’s also important to pick the right tools. Don’t forget to look for certifications that are important to you and your business. 

When it comes to serving beverages, get it right the first time. Are you looking for the best cleaning system for your glassware? You don’t want to miss this glass-cleaning system

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