Ecolab and Beyond: Why Is Clean Water So Important At Restaurants?

Food safety and sanitation are important in the food service industry, but where does water factor in? Explore how Ecolab and other solutions can help.

Every year, over 800,000 people die due to unsafe water and lack of sanitation. 

Few of these deaths occur in the United States. Health regulations have been in place for decades that help control our exposure to bad water. Companies like Ecolab and KissKleen provide solutions to those wanting to increase their sanitation and safety. 

For a restaurant, one of the worst things that can happen is for someone to get sick. Even the possibility that someone may get sick at a restaurant can spell doom for the business. 

Sanitation and the appearance of cleanliness are central to a well-run operation. 

Ecolab and Water Sanitation 

Ecolab provides sanitation solutions for many businesses. Even if you don’t realize it, the dishes you have eaten off of at your favorite restaurant were probably cleaned using Ecolab chemicals. As a provider of these chemicals, Ecolab provides a service in helping to ensure sanitation and cleanliness. 

To provide a consistent, sanitized environment, you have to use more than chemicals. There are tools that can help improve the cleanliness of your restaurant. Providing these tools are companies like KissKleen. When used together, the proper chemical and tools can make any restaurant safer and cleaner. 

Restaurant food safety covers a broad range of topics. The purpose of restaurant food safety is to reduce the risks and associated costs of illness. The reality is that food safety goes far beyond that, but let’s take a look at the cost of not being sanitary. 

The Cost of Illness

Failing to adequately protect customers can cost your business millions of dollars. It’s not cheap to keep a restaurant clean and sanitized. The costs can seem very high, but in relation to the financial risk of a foodborne illness, they are minimal. 

Not only is there financial damage, but the damage to your reputation will be severe. If a restaurant loses customer confidence, it will go out of business. No one wants to eat at a place where they believe people have gotten sick before. 

A device that will help you keep glasses clean, like the KissKleen Glass Washer, is a cost-effective option for cleanliness. Reusable solutions to sanitation problems save money the longer you use them. Each time you use the proper chemicals and cleaning tools, you reduce the risk of financial damage. 

More than Just Illness

The chemicals that Ecolab provides help protect against foodborne illness. When you combine those with a tool, like a glass cleaner, you protect against more than that. If you serve glasses, plates, or utensils that are dirty, you will incur waste. This waste comes directly off your bottom line. 

The profit margins on drinks are only high if you do not have to waste pours. Each time you pour a drink that is not an individual sale, you increase the cost of that drink for your business. While customer service is a vital component, these costs can end up being far more than trivial. 

By making sure that all your utensils are clean, you reduce the chance that a customer will send back a drink or food. If you are a large restaurant or bar, this could save you tens of thousands of dollars. Not only will you save money on waste, but you will develop a reputation for clean service. 

Reputation Is What Matters

Reputation in the food industry is everything. There are a lot of things you can do to increase the profile of your business. These range from something as simple as registering with Google to more complex marketing campaigns. 

All of these efforts will be in vain if locals don’t support your restaurant. Word of mouth advertising is still one of the best ways to bring in new customers. If you ruin your ability to attract new customers, you put yourself in great peril. 

This is why every glass and every utensil must remain as clean as possible. While mistakes can happen, and will, they can not become consistent. It is the consistency with which you provide a clean drinking glass or a clean plate that will determine your reputation. 

Providing tools to help your staff keep your restaurant clean is one of the best ways to invest in your business. The food is already great, or else you wouldn’t still be in business. The reputation you have built up as a good place to go eat is what keeps your business thriving. 

The Importance of Food Safety 

The importance of providing quality food and beverage can’t be overstated. Providing quality to your customers is central to the concept of a restaurant. Central to the operation of a restaurant is the cleanliness and efficiency with which it runs. 

With that in mind, why is food safety important? Food safety is important because it is the one area that can affect every aspect of your business in spite of the quality of your food and beverages. The importance of having clean water and clean dishes is central to keeping your business operating. 

Awareness of food safety is something that has increased steadily throughout the years. In spite of all our efforts, 48 million people a year get sick from foodborne illness. While the FDA is modernizing and states continue to strengthen their regulations you should always go above and beyond the guidelines. 

Trust in the Tools We Provide 

At KissKleen, we provide tools that help you save money and reduce your risk. Allowing your customers to receive food and water from unclean dishes is unacceptable. Not only does it increase the risk of disease and illness, but it also damages your business with each dirty cup. 

Companies like Ecolab provide chemicals and services that you are probably already using. Combine those with the proper tools and understanding, and you will serve clean every time. Contact KissKleen if you want to combine your efforts. 

Don’t risk exposure to bad publicity and financial ruin. Get our glass cleaners and be confident that every time you serve a drink, you are doing so from a clean glass.

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