5 Things That Need to Be on Your Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The health inspector coming to your establishment shouldn’t make you nervous. Why not? Because you keep your kitchen clean with this kitchen cleaning checklist!

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Having a bar or restaurant can be a very rewarding experience. There is the social aspect of being part of the community. There is the satisfaction of creating the kind of atmosphere and cuisine you have always envisioned. 

With all the inspiration that is involved getting your food establishment just the way you want it, do not forget one key factor – CLEANLINESS!

People will come to enjoy the delicious food and fun environment, but to keep them coming back, you need more than great recipes. You need bright, spotless, clean spaces.

It is imperative to have a daily cleaning schedule to keep things from getting out of hand. Every shift should have specific tasks they are required to do. The shift manager can create a cleaning list and then follow through to make sure all tasks are completed. 

If you are not quite sure of everything that should go into this schedule, here are 5 things that should be on your kitchen cleaning checklist. 

Line Prep Areas

Before the cooking process even starts, the food has to be prepared. It is laid out and handled by different people using a variety of utensils. Great care should be used to make sure this area stays clean. 

Cutting boards and countertops should be disinfected on a regular basis. This is also true for blenders and can openers. 

Sinks should be kept clean and wiped down frequently.  

All dishes, pots, pans, and utensils should be rotated out and washed. Never keep dirty dishes piled up. Have a regular schedule for washing all the dishes.  

Cooking Spaces

Cooking with raw food opens up the possibility of so much cross-contamination. In addition, the back-of-house area stays full of individuals running back and forth, trying to do their jobs. Keeping the cooking spaces clean must be a priority. 

Any time there is a spill or splash, the area should be wiped down right away. The grill and range should also be cleaned daily. If you use foil, make sure it is changed once a day as well. 

Fryers should be wiped down frequently, along with toasters and steam tables.

Any area where food is being cooked should be cleaned in an ongoing process to stop the passing of germs and bacteria. 


It isn’t just the counters, stoves, and dishes that need to be kept spotless. All the linens need the same attention. 

You should have an abundance of cleaning rags at your disposal to use throughout the day. Do not keep handling the same ones. Replace with clean towels and throw the others in the laundry pile. 

If you do not wish to handle all the dirty laundry yourself, you can always look into a laundry service.

In addition, if you use tablecloths, make sure they are cleaned and kept looking fresh. Replace any with stains or those that have started to fade or even tear. The appearance of clean is just as important as actually being clean. 

Speaking of appearances, don’t forget the aprons and any uniforms that are used anywhere in the restaurant or bar. Everyone who is working should look immaculate and fresh. 

Floors – The Forgotten Item on the Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The floors are often the most overlooked area when it comes to cleaning. This is not only a bad idea but a dangerous one. 

A dirty floor can be a tripping or slipping hazard to both your employees and customers. It is a good idea to keep the floors both in the kitchen area and out front swept and mopped on a regular basis. Just be sure with mopping that it is done during less traffic time. 

Don’t forget to also clean the floor drains. Standard drain cleaners work well to keep them open and flowing. 


Last but not least, keep all of your appliances sparkling. This goes for both inside and out. Stoves and ovens should be spotless and make sure to wipe down all the shelves in the refrigerator, including the walk-in ones. These need to be swept out as well. 

Beverage dispenser heads need to be cleaned on a regular basis. In the bar area, the tips to the soda guns should be wiped down frequently. 

Coffee makers are used almost twenty-four hours a day. Make sure to keep them wiped down and shiny. You should also run through a cleaning cycle occasionally to help keep the coffee tasting fresh and fabulous. 

Front of House Cleaning

While keeping the kitchen clean is of vital importance both for your employees and the food, don’t forget the impression that the front of house makes as well. This area should be added to your house cleaning list. 

The dining room itself should be kept clean, tidy, and organized. Tables should be cleared of dirty dishes and made ready again quickly for new guests. Counters and walls should look fresh and without stains, and we have already mentioned the importance of a clean floor. 

Your customers want clean plates and servers with clean uniforms, but maybe even more importantly, than want clean restrooms! Few things will turn away good customers like having a dirty restroom experience. Having the restrooms checked, cleaned, and stocked should be a frequent event. 

The Hard Work

Running a restaurant or bar is hard work. There are so many things you have to remember to juggle and handle. Cleaning may not always be at the forefront of your mind. Make no mistake, though, that just the smallest hint of being careless in this department will hurt you during a health inspection as well as in the view and reviews of customers. 

It is in your long term best interest to have a kitchen cleaning checklist posted with assignments delegated daily, weekly, and even monthly. This will help to ensure that all areas will not only look clean and fresh but keep bacteria and the spread of germs to a minimum.  

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