As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, it is more important than ever to keep a sanitary and clean restaurant to keep your customers safe.

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly at nearly 400,000 cases to date, it has caused many businesses to shut down across the globe. This has left many restaurant owners in a total state of panic.

Many restaurants have been told to cut their number of customers by half, and health inspectors are checking for their level of clean restaurant practices. 

This has left the industry scrambling to do what they can in order to prevent a shutdown because once they close, there is doubt that they will ever be able to open again. 

If you are a restaurant owner, it is essential that you know the proper clean restaurant protocols to limit your chances of losing your business.

So, do you know how to keep a restaurant clean during a pandemic?

Thankfully, we compiled the list of information for you. Keep on reading to learn how you can ensure to your customers that your clean restaurant is a safe place to be.

Know the Right Equipment

In order to have a thorough deep clean of your restaurant, you need to have the right equipment for cleaning during a pandemic.

This is different than regular cleaning equipment, as you have many more precautions to take. However, purchasing this cleaning equipment can be used as part of your marketing when you announce to your customers what you are doing to ensure their health and safety.

Some equipment that you will need:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as glasses, gloves, shoe bags, etc.
  • Bleach and/or other medical grade sanitizers
  • Mop and bucket
  • Clean cloths
  • Appropriate restaurant cleaning chemicals
  • Bathroom cleaning equipment such as toilet brush, disposable sponges, etc.
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Glass cleaner
  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant
  • A thorough drinking glass cleaning station

The equipment you use is not determined by the size or type of restaurant that you run. Every establishment should follow these protocols to ensure a clean restaurant for its patrons.

Educate Your Staff

Your staff is the bread and butter of the cleaning process. Every single person who works for your restaurant must know and understand the cleaning protocols.

A great suggestion for educating your staff is to host a staff meeting as you go over the protocols.

It is advisable that you notify your employees that you will be handing out a quiz at the end of the meeting, and follow that up with a detailed quiz on everything you talked about.

Patrons are currently watching your every move, so one wrong move by your staff and you could be losing business, or even worse, causing people to get sick.

Create a Notice For Your Customers

Everyone is drowning in paralyzing fear during this difficult time, which is causing a lot of people to avoid public services such as restaurants. 

By posting signs of your current cleanliness standards and that you are abiding by the current instructions, you can increase your chances of customers entering your door by ensuring their safety. This can also help you to prevent a forced shutdown.

These people will also tell their friends, which could lead to more business due to your notice of clean restaurant standards.

On the notice, explain in detail:

  • What rules you are following to keep the restaurant clean
  • Cutting your customer number in half
  • How you are arranging seats to abide by the social distancing guidelines
  • That your staff is wiping down every table and chair after every guest
  • The products and procedures your restaurant is following
  • That your staff has been thoroughly trained up to clean restaurant standards
  • That you are considering no cash transactions to limit the spread of germs
  • That your staff is cleaning the bathroom and high traffic areas every single hour
  • Dishes are thoroughly washed
  • Asking anyone who is feeling unwell to avoid being in your restaurant during this time

Post this notice on the front of your business, along with in the bathrooms, and anywhere else you feel is necessary.

Clean Restaurant Protocols

There is an order of importance when it comes to having a clean restaurant. We will break down the steps into easy to follow categories.

High Traffic Areas

  • Sanitize every high traffic area such as doorknobs, railings, light fixtures, chairs, tables, credit card machines, etc.
  • Spot clean windows and mirrors
  • Clean bathrooms frequently
  • Add hand sanitizer to the entrance, and throughout the restaurant
  • Mop high traffic areas (adding a wet floor sign)

Clean Visible Restaurant items

  • Ensure all silverware is deeply cleaned and handled with clean hands
  • Drinking glasses must be inspected and are sparkling clean
  • Switch to paper napkins for safe disposal
  • Ensure the floors are sanitized and clean

The Bar Area

The bar area is usually a very visible part of the restaurant. By keeping it clean, you can ensure your guests feel safe.

  • Consider not having any patrons at the bar and moving them to a table instead
  • Keep items such as napkins, fruits, and straws fully stocked and covered in case of contamination
  • Clean soda guns
  • Sanitize the ice bins
  • Deep clean the sinks
  • Keep glassware covered in the case of contamination

The Kitchen Area

While your patrons may not see the kitchen area, this is up to the integrity of you and your staff to keep this area clean.

  • Clean the dishwasher daily to remove any bacteria
  • Use wool pads to deep clean any residue on the grills
  • Use a degreaser to easily remove the grease from cooking areas
  • Stock up on heat-resistant gloves
  • Deep clean fridges and ensure no cross-contamination
  • Enforce cleaning at certain time intervals such as every 30 minutes to one hour
  • Send cleaning cloths and laundry to the linen cleaners more frequently

Learn More About Keeping a Clean Restaurant During a Pandemic

By following these clean restaurant protocols, your restaurant is less likely to be shut down during this time.

This is dependent on your state’s guidelines and current isolation rules regarding COVID-19.

By keeping the visible areas such as your glassware sparkling clean, you are more likely to attract more customers at this moment. 

To learn more about having clean glassware, feel free to contact us today!

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